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Using Concrete Objects


Using pictorial representations

We also give children opportunities to show their understanding through drawing pictures. Here is an example of how a Year 5 child was able to prove that 4 is one third of 12 by creating a picture on the electronic display. 




Using symbolic representations

Children also learn to  represent problems using mathematical notation. Here is a simple example of how a maths problem can be shown as a picture and also using symbols.




Mental and written methods of calculation

We believe that children need to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics (multiplication tables or pairs of numbers that make 10, 20 or 100)  so that they can make sensible decisions about when to write something down (using jottings or a written methods) and when to 'do it in my head'. To promote fluency, each class takes part in '2 minutes counting' every day. 

Our Calculation Policy

For more information about the mental methods, jottings and written methods used in each year group, please CLICK HERE to download our calculation policy.

Examples of our learning

Would you like to see our pupils' maths work? Please CLICK HERE to visit our maths gallery.

Useful resources

NEW! Resources for Year 5 and Year 6

Are there some areas of maths you'd like a bit more practice at? CLICK HERE for a document that links to all the key areas. There are even links to YouTube videos to walk you through the problems, and provide answers so that you can see how you did. Get stuck in!

If you don't want to use YouTube, but you'd like to check your answers, please download the answer pack CLICK HERE.

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