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Primary Languages

Overview of our Languages Curriculum (French)


Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Year 3

Curriculum focus

Early Start Unit 1.1

Greetings, goodbyes

Salut! Au Revoir!

Early Start Unit 1.2

Asking 'How are you?

Ça va?

Early Start Unit 1.3

What’s your name?

Comments t’appelles-tu?

Early Start Unit 1.4

The alphabet


Early Start Unit 1.5

My family

Ma famille

Early Start Unit 1.6

Number 0-12

Les nombres de 0 à 12

Year 4

Curriculum focus

Early Start Unit 1.7

How old are you?

Quel âge as-tu?

Early Start Unit 1.8

Brothers and sisters

As-tu des frères et des soeurs?

Early Start Unit 1.9

Do you have a pet?

As-tu un animal?

Early Start Unit 1.10


Les couleurs

Early Start Unit 1.11

Months of the year

Mois de l’année

Early Start Unit 1.12

Numbers 13-31

Les nombres de 13 à 31

Year 5

Curriculum focus

Early Start Unit 1.13

When is your birthday?

Joyeux anniversaire!

Early Start Unit 1.14

Days of the week

Les jours de la semaine

 Early Start Unit 1.15

What’s today’s date?

Quelle est la date aujourd’hui?

Early Start Unit 1.16


Quel temps fait-il?

Early Start Unit 2.1

Where do you live?

Où habites-tu?

Early Start Unit 2.2

Places in town

En ville


Year 6

Curriculum focus

Early Start 2.3


Toutes directions

Early Start Unit 2.4

At school

À l’école

Early Start Unit 2.5

Classroom objects

Les objets de la classe

Early Start Unit 2.6

What’s the time

Quelle heure est-il?

Early Start Unit 2.10

Food and drink

Qu’est ce que tu aimes?

Early Start Unit 2.11

Enjoy your meal!

Bon appétit!


To learn a language is to have one more window to look at the world – Chinese proverb

French in our own words

At Carlton Hill French is about understanding and communicating with different people and cultures. We aim to foster in children an outward looking perspective on the world, and to see themselves as global citizens.

How is our language curriculum organised?

Because of our proximity to France, French was chosen as our studied language. This is taught from years 3 to 6 in short blocks of approximately half a term in length. The emphasis is on learning about French culture, language and society in fun, child-friendly ways. We use video, songs and games to inspire and motivate. We use the on-line primary resource “Early Start Languages”, written by specialist language teachers which can be used easily by non-specialists. Each unit builds on the language and skills previously taught with plenty of chance to practise and consolidate. The children are encouraged to “have a go” rather than “get it right”. Each child begins a French exercise book at the beginning of Year 3 which is passed up through the school. The main emphasis, however, remains speaking and listening throughout the school.

What is the impact of our French curriculum?


Before starting a new unit, children revisit previous units to consolidate. Children may also visit the website at home by using the school log in. Plenty of opportunity is given to listen and repeat to new words and phrases.


Children are given plenty of opportunity to apply what they have learnt in other contexts, for example, in pronouncing an unfamiliar sound or reusing a new word in several role-play situations. Children begin by hearing new words or structures, moving on to understanding, responding then finally being understood themselves.

Pupil voice

The French coordinator meets with pupils at the end of each year to gather feedback from pupils about their experiences of learning French.

What are the inspirations for our French curriculum?

We use Early Start French which is,

“designed to help the primary classroom teacher introduce young learners to the language and everyday life of France. The emphasis is on laying a solid foundation for further language learning, so that children can start to understand when listening and reading simple language, and work from the outset to be able to speak and write too when the context is familiar.”

Progression of knowledge and skills

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