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Sport and PE

We aim for Carlton Hill Primary School to have an “active school” ethos and provide students with the best possible physical activity experience, regardless of age or ability. We recognise the importance of pupils learning how to have a healthy lifestyle.

We work hard to develop the children’s positive attitudes towards physical activity and nurture a love of sport in every child so they become active for life.

Morning Mile
sports day
Withdean 2

Sports funding


Sports Counter League Table 2019 - 2020










Autumn 1 74 46 72 58
Autumn 2        
Spring 1        
Spring 2        
Summer 1        
Summer 2        


Curriculum Overview

Reception PE

Rec-Getting changed 

On the move

How my body changes


Can you?

My body

Parts of the body

Ball skills Ball skills

Fun & games

Developing partner work   


Working together 
Year 1 PE

Games Activities: Ball skills


Gymnastics floor work

Games activities: Ball skills - Hockey

Inidvidual dance 

Games activities: striking & fielding - Cricket

Netwall games

Gymnastics - small apparatus



Games activities: Basketball

 Group & partner dance 


Athletics: Running, Jumping, Throwing and Skipping

Gymnastics - big apparatus

Games activities: striking & fielding - Cricket





(Sports Day prep)

Year 2 PE

Games Activities: Ball skills - Football

Gymnastics floor work

Games activities: Invasion Games

Inventing rules

Tag Rugby

Dance: Individual/group

Games activities: striking & fielding - Cricket

Gymnastics - big apparatus

Games activities: Basketball

 Group & partner dance 

Games activities: striking & fielding - Rounders

Athletics: Running, Jumping, Throwing and Skipping


Athletics: Running, Jumping and Throwing

(Sports Day prep)

Year 3 PE





Invasion Games: Tag rugby Throwing and catching 






Games activities: Hockey

Gymnastics: Symmetry and Asymmetry  

Games activities: Basketball  

Gymnastics: Games activities: Net/ court /wall games   Games activities Striking and fielding games   Athletics: Running, jumping, throwing
Year 4 PE Basketball Football   Dance Hockey Gymnastics Tag Rugby   Athletics Basketball   Swimming Racket Sports   Rounders Athletics
Year 5 PE Swimming Football Swimming Hockey Gymnastics Floor work Tag Rugby Dance Basketball Gymnastics Large  Equipment Racket Sports Dance Athletics
Year 6 PE Gymnastics Football Dance Hockey Basketball Tag Rugby Gymnastics Basketball Dance Racket Sports Orienteering Swimming Athletics  

Tournaments and Sporting Events

  • Cross Country - Water Hall

 November 2019 - Years 5 and 6 

Congratulations to our cross country team who took part in the  race at Waterhall.

28 children represented the school which was a great turn out. All the runners should be proud of their performances wherever they finished. A very well done to those children who had never run a cross country race before.

  • Indoor Athletics  January 2019 - Year 6

On Wednesday 16th Jan, a group of athletes from Year 6 visited B.A.C.A. to compete against 8 other schools in an indoor athletics competition. After a grueling set of challenges, field events and track events, the team managed to come a close 2nd place out of the 8 schools. As a team, they showed such great team spirit and a willingness to try new challenges. Go Carlton Hill!

  • Let's Dance - The Dome

 March 2020


  • Cricket Matches

​Fixture list TBA

  • Withdean Athletics Competition - Years, 4,5 & 6

Wednesday 17th June 2020

  • Swimming


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