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Top Tips!

Tips for good homework habits

Do find a quiet place at home to use as a homework area. It needs a flat surface, a good light source and the right equipment eg pens, pencils, ruler, scissors, glue.
Do be aware of modern teaching methods - there is lots of information in the 'Curriculum' area of this website.
Do plan a homework timetable and agree on when your child will do their homework.
Do allow your child to have something nutritional to eat before starting on homework.
Do discuss any homework tasks with your child and how it connects with what they are studying at school.
Do turn off the TV - but you could have music on if they find it helpful.
Don't give your child the answer in order to get a task finished. Instead, explain how to look up information or find a word in a dictionary.
Don't teach your child methods you used at school. It could confuse them.
Don't let homework become a chore. Keep it fun and make it a special time that you both look forward to.

    Home - School Grids Explained

  • Why do you set homework?

    We believe that learning is a life-long habit that is not confined to the classroom. Our fortnightly home-school learning grids invite parents to get involved with what is happening in the classroom. This can play an important role in developing and enriching the learning going on at school.

  • Have you asked parents about homework?

    Homework is an aspect of school-life that is often controversial. Some parents and carers think that children should be doing a lot of it; others believe that there is no place for it at all. In 2013, after consultation with parents, staff and pupils, we made changes to our homework grid. 

  • Homework explained

    Many activities on the home-school grid are not designed to be tracked or marked by class teachers ('physical exercise' and 'helping at home' are obvious examples). Completion of 'Bring Back Tasks' and maths homework is recognised in class. Spellings are infomally assessed by the class teacher at the end of each two week period.

    • Each grid has one Bring Back Task that should be completed and brought back to school by the end of the 2 week period.
    • Each grid (from Y2 upwards) also has a Sumdog task that has to be completed online (we have also made provision for children that cannot access Sumdog at home - please ask at the office for details).
    • The spellings on the grid are a sample of the words and patterns being explored in class and these are informally assessed by the class teacher at the end of the two week period.
    • Other tasks on the grid are optional activities that can be completed at home and directly relate to a child's learning at school in different curriculum areas.
    • In each class, the current home-school learning grid will be clearly on display and will be referred to during class lessons. In this way children that have completed tasks in these areas will have their work recognised and be able to share their learning with the class.
    • Children can do the tasks themselves, or with help from parents or others. The aim is to encourage independent learning but this sometimes requires support at different ages.

    Children are never sanctioned for not doing their homework. If you would like your child to have access to a computer for Sumdog, join our before school drop in (Wednesdays, 8.30 - 8.55). There is an application form at the bottom of the homepage of this website.

  • Is there a homework club?

    There is a drop-in to provide access to the online maths homework. Because it is a drop-in, if your child cannot make it one week, we will assume that they are under your care. 

    A teacher will be there to supervise the children at all times and support them if they need help - parents and carers do not need to stay (but of course are more than welcome to!).

    Ideally, children who join should come every week, to get the most out of their place in the club. 
    Please download an application from the homepage of this website if you would like your child to attend.

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