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How to share home-learning

Work on paper and take a photo

Lots of children like to work on paper and then share their work by taking a photo. If you are able to log in to the school website using a mobile phone, this is a very fast way of sharing your hard work.

Work directly onto the school website

If you have access to a device, this is a great way to work because you can share work quickly and easily. You can create documents using the tools on our website, and then submit work directly to the teacher. This video shows you how.


Upload work created using Word, PowerPoint or other software

Some children like to produce their work using software like Word or PowerPoint. If you like to work this way, upload your work to the school website and your teacher can see it.



How to add work to Google Classroom

Y5 have recently started to trial Google Classroom. If you need support sharing work, Mr Paterson has created this guide.

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