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    Phoenix Art Space (Shreeja)

    On Monday 27th Janury, Year 3 went to the Phoenix Art Space to see a art exhibition.  On my way to the Art Space, I was feeling a bit grumpy because there were too many dog poos .  We looked at some paintings.  I saw little light blobs with wires all tangled together and nobody else saw it. 

    My favirite panting was a spotty one.  The person who made it loved pizza! The painting was based on pizza. It made me think of some portals.  After that we walked into a differnt room and we made some art. 

    My favrourite part of the making activity was using the oil pastells on a peice of caloco.  At the end of the day, I  was feeling tired.


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  • Phoenix Art Space (Olive)

    On Monday 27th of January we walked to the Phoenix Art Space.  I was partnered with Ursula.  When we were walking down from school I felt happy and very exited.laugh

    First we went to the gallery.  We looked at the spotty painting that reprusented a party with pizza! We saw a 3D painting too. One dot in the dotty painting looked very bright like the sun.

    My favourite painting was the blue,3D painting.  I liked it because the blue was a bit smudged and it made it look really good.  The painting made me think of a gallixy because it had two types of blue,a light and a dark.heart 

    Then we went into a room to make some art with a type of fabric and we made shapes on the fabric.

  • The Phoenix Art Space (Tia)

    On Monday 27th January, we went to the Phoenix Art Space on a trip . I was so excited to see the art in the gallery  . I was feeling a bit scared because I don't like to leaving school . First, I saw lots  of really nice art and drawing with pastels  . I saw a pink and white painting.

    I loved the blue painting and there was a white box on the right-hand side  . Looking at it made me feel like I was in the sea and relaxing  .We made are own Gesy Yets picture because that was the person who showed us around  .

  • Phoenix art space trip (Nyla)

    On Monday 27th of January me and my class went to Phoenix Art Space.  First we took are coats of.  Then we were getting ready to go in tge gallar.  I was exited to see the paintings.  I felt realy happy when we were going to the Art gallary.

    When we looked around the gallary I got exited to see the paintings.  Behind a blue line we had to sit down to look at the paintings.  I noticed that not all art come from paint.

    My favourite was a circle one because it reminds me of summer because all the bright colours.  The paintings were beutiful.

    When we were making some art I felt like an artist painting my imagination .  My favourite thing of making was the colouring.

    I would love to go there again and I would love to see if there would be New paintings.  At the end of the day I felt very happy and tired.

  • Phoenix art space (Nadirah)

    On Monday 27th January, Year 3 went to the Phoenix Art Space for our class trip. When I was walking, my legs were getting tired, but I was sure I'd feel fine.  My favourite painting was the pizza painting.

  • Our trip to the Phoenix Art Space (Meba)

    On Monday 27th of January we went to the Phoenix art space.  First we lined up in pairs.  Second we walked to the Phoenix art space.  I was feeling happy.

    We saw lots of paintings.  my favorot one was the pizza painting.  The thing that no one noticed exept for me was that there were four CCTV camras in the corners of the room.

    The plate pizza painting was my favorot because it looked cool.  When I looked at it, it reminded me of hills but it was actually a plate pizza.

    I loved making the shapes on the fabric.  It was the funest thing on the trip.  Jenny showed us a trick.  There was a dot in the middle of the picture and we stared at the plane peace of paper and we could see the same thing but red and yellow.

  • Phoenix art space (Saiadvaita)

    On Monday 27th January me and my class went on a trip to phoenix art space.  When we were walking down from school I was feeling cold but I'm sure that I'll be happy.  In the morning I was so exicited and also my dad came too.  When we looked around the gallery with Jenny well she's a arist.  When we looked at the art I noticed that the art was by happniess.  My favourite was the pink circles painting because it was like pizzas flying around .  My favourite painting made me think of pizzas.  When we came into the art room we did some drawing of shapes then we coloured them.


  • Phoenix Art Space (Riley)

    On Monday 27th of January, I got my coat and my high vis because we were off on a trip. I got into my pair and we walked out of the classroom. We walked to the Phoenix Art Space. I was sad when walked out of the classroom.  I felt sad because didn't like the noise or the rain.

    Next we arrived at the Phoenix Art Space and we met Chloe and Jenny. We looked at the paintings. I noticed a dot picture and it felt hologhraphic. I liked the one that had dots it's because it was layed out neat and tidy. It had oval and curves. Then we got pastels and we lovely fabric and we made shapes  . After that, we looked at a dot a magic trick on a flag . Finally, we cut fabric on another type of fabric. When I got home, I told. my parents I went to Phoenix Art Space.               

  • Phoenix Art Space (Riley)

    On Monday the 27th of January, me and my Year 3 classmates set of to Phonenix Art Space . When we got there, we met Chloe and then Jenny. Next we entered the art gallery. I felt a bit annoyed because my Mum forgot to pack my snack.  We were just about to enter the art gallery when I relised I had my brand new jumper on and I didn't want to get it dirty. I thought about taking it off, or puting my coat on.

    In the gallery, I heard the teacher talking  about a dot panting and how the lady who made it was inspired by pizza.

    Then we looked at a panting that looked like the sea whith white submrarene in it. I noticed there were black lines around the corners.

  • Phoenix Art Space (Alina)

    On Monday 27th Jaunuary Year 3 We went to Phoenix Art Space. I was super excited . We went into the gallery and we saw lots of paintings. I saw 3 huge dots and little shapes.                                                                                                                

  • Phoenix Art Space (Aubrey)

    On Mondy 27th January, we went to the Phoenix Art Space. As we walked down the hill, I was very exited. Only one more turn I thought .

    When we walked into the gallary, I only noticed ordinary things and when I walked in excitement had nearly taken over me!

    Next we met an artist called Jenny . She showed us paintings. My favourite painting was based on pizza!

  • Phoenix trip (Michael)

    0n Monday 27th January, me and my class went to Phoenix Art Space for a trip. I was feeling scared for no reason. Then we went into the gallery, and we looked at paintings .  I noticed that there was a red dot painting .  I really liked a blue painting because it looked like a blue man without arms, and it made me think of a blue armless man .  Then we made a picture with lots of colurs and I liked drawing the pictures.        

  • Phoenix art space (Finn)

    On Monday 27th of January we had a school trip to Phoenix Art Space. It was so exiting and fun. It was amazing! The gallery was so beautifull.  I was so exited my body was filled whith fun. It was fabulous! I loved being there. It was so good. The paintings were so unique. Some people were being weird.

    My favourite painting was the blue 3D one. It looked  like the universe. It was so inspiring. I loved it! Everyone chose the blue one because it was out of this world. I noticed that there were tiny dots on every painting. It was surprising.

  • Phoenix Art Space (Louis)

    On Monday the 27th January we walked down to the Phoenix Art Space.  I was excited but a bit grumpy beacuase it was

    raining. My partner was Max. Next we went into the art gallery. We sat down and a lady called Jenny told us about the paintings.  In the gallery I saw a painting that looked like a maze.  My favourite painting was the dotty one.    

  • Phoenix Art Space (Ursula)

    On monday the 27th of January, Year 3 Carlton Hill Primary School went to the Phoenix Art Space. I was so excited.

    Next we sat down and saw some paintings and we talked about the paintings. I saw a painting that if you look sideways you could see hills and a sun.

    Then we drew shapes and cut them out and stuck them together . My favourite part was sticking them together.

    I want to go back and see the new paintings, and see if they're from the same artists. I felt happy and calm.

  • Phoenix Art Space (Genevieve)

    On Monday 27th January, Year 3 went to the Phoenix Art Space for an art exhibition.  It was lovely! There were lots of paintings and my favorote was the pizza painting. As we walked to Phoenix Art Space, I was bursting with excitment. The first painting we saw was really cool. It sort of looked like a circle painting. I liked that it looked like a pizza shape.

    When i was there I thought that all of the pictures looked absoulutely beautiful together. I was so interested! Also we did some art. First we did a colour trick and then we did some patchwork. 

  • Phoenix Art Space (Sahar)

    One Monday morning 27th January, we went on a trip, in partners, to the Phoenix Art Space in the gallery. I was so excited to go.  When I was walking I felt a bit angry because it was raining, but really I was more excited.  We saw lots of really nice paintings and drawings with pastels.  

  • Phoenix art space (Alya)

    On Monday morning  year 3 whent to the Phoenix Art Space so we can see an art exibibition . Every one said they were very excited.


  • Phoenix art space (Max)

    On monday, I was feeling very exited because we were going to the Phoenix Art Space. We were also going to an art exhibtion. When we got there, I was mesmerised by the collages, the circle painting and the moon painting. I also noticed a one coloured picture. My favourite picture was the the moon one. It was so cool and it was also painted on the wall. Wow! It reminded me of the Minecraft moon.

  • Phoenix art space (Rieon)

    On Monday the 27th of January, we went to the Phoenix Art Space on a trip. I was feeling exited as I walked down with my partner.

    Then we looked at some paintings with a lot of circles and I saw a big one. It was inspired from pizzas. My favourite was the blue one because it had different shapes and it made me think of the sea.

    We did art with some cutting and sticking and that was my favourite thing to do that day.

  • My school trip to the Phoenix Art Space (Melody)

    heartOn Monday 27th of January me, Melody, and year 3 visited the Phoenix art space.  When we got there at first it look boring but it was so funlaugh. I felt exited and a bit scared as we walked down to the Phoenix art space from school. 

     When we looked at the bright circle paiting. It made me think ove pizza when the painting was bast on pizza. The thing that i did diffrent was that a used was a wite oil pastel .  My favourite painting was a dark blue painting with one wite squer. The painting made me think of a new galixy.My oil pastels I used where blue, orange, pink., green, yellow vilolet and wite. If i came back i would like to do more art.   At the end of thr day i felt happysmiley  the ENDheart                                                                        

  • art trip (Sayhan)

    On Monday 27th January 2020, Year 3 went to Phoenix art space.   I was felling okay. It was raining but it was still fun.  We sat doun and started to look at paintings and one was 3D.  I noticed a 3D painting before anyone else did.  I liked the dotty painting because it had cool detail and texture.  It was cool, awesome and amazingly fabulous. First we drew shapes. Next we coloured them in. After we cut them and then we skicked. Finaly we glued them on a piece off fabric.  If I whent back I will paint a painting and put it on a wall. By the end off the day I fellt fizzy, happy and tied because it was hard work.

  • Phoenix art space (Hewad)

    On Monday 27th January we all went to the Phoenix Art Space. It was a very large and exiting place and the art was very good. I was nervous but very exited when I was walking down the hill from school. While we were there, a woman called Chloe showed us some pictures. There were tiny lines on every single painting and that was intresting. My favourite painting was the dots. They were really good. It made me think that I'd like to keep it in my room. When we stopped looking at the paintings, we made our own. At school we named them in French. I'd like to do the same things again, but spend hours on making paintings.

  • Phoenix Art Space (Abdul)

    On Monday 27th Jaunuary, Year 3 walked down to the Phoenix Art Space. We saw paintings in the gallary. I was feeling  really excited and nervous.  I liked the rainbow painting. It was really cool beacause it had lots of diffrent colours. I saw lots of funny paintings too. I noticed  that one painting had  4 little dots, and it had  3 dots on the left.   It made me think that it was real. Then we created our own art made of fabric, and we painted it. My  favourite part was that we cut and stuck and made our own art. Happily went back to school.

  • The Phoenix Art Space (Finlay)

    We went to the Phoenix art space. We went to see paintings.  We saw a lady, she showed us around. She told us about the other lady. Then we went to a different room. We went to look around.  We sat on the floor.  Then we had our snacks. We went to a different room, and then we went to sit down at the table. They gave us a some fabric and they gave us oil pastels to colour it. Then we cut it, the whole one. Then we said 'thank you'. We got our coats on and walked back to our school. It made me happy.

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    Phoenix report (Peter)

    On Monday the 27th of January. I went to Phoenix Art Gallery with my class . First we met a lady called Jenny and we sat down. We viewed three pieces of art. Then we had a snack . After that we created our own pieces of art (it was really fun) . Jenny, the artist, let me go out of the room with my mum to outline my work with black and red marker. Me and my mum outlined my work with the black and red markers. Then we went back to our lovely school for our packed lunch ( my mum made me a wrap and gave me a kit-kat ) . Finally we went back to our lessons for the rest of the day. 

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  • Cheetah by Ernie (carltonhill Admin)


    Inside the cheetahs teeth, the rapid gazelle. 

    Inside the rapid gazelle the long tail.

    Inside the long tail, the clawed feet .

    Inside the clawed feet, the dark orange  eyes.

    Inside the dark orange eyes, petrified impalas.

    Inside the petrified impalas, the semi deserts  .

    Inside the semi deserts, the preys blood .

    Inside the preys blood ,the flexible spine.

    Inside the flexible spine, the cheetahs claws. 


  • Deeper inside the Dolphin by Aggi (carltonhill Admin)

    Deeper inside the Dolphin


    Inside the Freshwater Lakes, the silky skin.

    Inside the silky skin, the sharp teeth.

    Inside the sharp teeth, the squid’s ink.

    Inside the squid’s ink, the Open Oceans.

    Inside the Open Oceans, the diving heart.

    Inside the diving heart, the technical brain.

    Inside the technical brain, the fish’s oil.

    Inside the fish’s oil, the plump belly.

    Inside the plump belly, the freshwater lakes.


    By Aggi a.gm

  • Piper by Pa Assan (carltonhill Admin)

    It was a calm morning. The fiery sun was beaming down, and the flowing waves were rushing over the sand and pebbles. A flock of sand-pipers chirped happily as they searched among the pebbles for food.

    A young hungry chick watched its mum searching for food. Expecting to be fed, he opened his small grey beak, but he got nothing. Why? The time had come. His mum now expected him to go and look for his own food, so she hopped-off down the beach. Bravely, he followed her.

    Dashing through the flock of sand pipers, he excitedly jabbed his beak into the water, in search of food. Bubbles popped and tickled as he tried to copy his mum. The fluffy chick was intrigued.

    Suddenly, waves splashed and sploshed over him, leaving the small bird soaking and dazed. He retreated to the safety of his nest, and stubbornly refused to leave.

    Unexpectedly, the sand moved under him as a hermit crab scuttled along the beach.The little sand piper gazed over the orangey red shelled creature as it searched for food and burried itself.

    A fierce wave aproached.

    The soon to be drenched piper burried himself in sand under the salty water, copying the hermit crab.

    Underwater, he slowly and gentely opened his eyes, and discovered all the shelled sea food floating around the salty water.

    As soon as the tide went out, he got up and swiftly darted through the flock of pipers collecting piles of shelled food. The piper felt proud with his new found confidence as the sun made it's way down beyond the horizon.

    It was a calm evening. Everything looked the same, but somehow everything had changed.