Writing Blog
  • Cheetah by Ernie (carltonhill Admin)


    Inside the cheetahs teeth, the rapid gazelle. 

    Inside the rapid gazelle the long tail.

    Inside the long tail, the clawed feet .

    Inside the clawed feet, the dark orange  eyes.

    Inside the dark orange eyes, petrified impalas.

    Inside the petrified impalas, the semi deserts  .

    Inside the semi deserts, the preys blood .

    Inside the preys blood ,the flexible spine.

    Inside the flexible spine, the cheetahs claws. 


  • Deeper inside the Dolphin by Aggi (carltonhill Admin)

    Deeper inside the Dolphin


    Inside the Freshwater Lakes, the silky skin.

    Inside the silky skin, the sharp teeth.

    Inside the sharp teeth, the squid’s ink.

    Inside the squid’s ink, the Open Oceans.

    Inside the Open Oceans, the diving heart.

    Inside the diving heart, the technical brain.

    Inside the technical brain, the fish’s oil.

    Inside the fish’s oil, the plump belly.

    Inside the plump belly, the freshwater lakes.


    By Aggi a.gm

  • Piper by Pa Assan (carltonhill Admin)

    It was a calm morning. The fiery sun was beaming down, and the flowing waves were rushing over the sand and pebbles. A flock of sand-pipers chirped happily as they searched among the pebbles for food.

    A young hungry chick watched its mum searching for food. Expecting to be fed, he opened his small grey beak, but he got nothing. Why? The time had come. His mum now expected him to go and look for his own food, so she hopped-off down the beach. Bravely, he followed her.

    Dashing through the flock of sand pipers, he excitedly jabbed his beak into the water, in search of food. Bubbles popped and tickled as he tried to copy his mum. The fluffy chick was intrigued.

    Suddenly, waves splashed and sploshed over him, leaving the small bird soaking and dazed. He retreated to the safety of his nest, and stubbornly refused to leave.

    Unexpectedly, the sand moved under him as a hermit crab scuttled along the beach.The little sand piper gazed over the orangey red shelled creature as it searched for food and burried itself.

    A fierce wave aproached.

    The soon to be drenched piper burried himself in sand under the salty water, copying the hermit crab.

    Underwater, he slowly and gentely opened his eyes, and discovered all the shelled sea food floating around the salty water.

    As soon as the tide went out, he got up and swiftly darted through the flock of pipers collecting piles of shelled food. The piper felt proud with his new found confidence as the sun made it's way down beyond the horizon.

    It was a calm evening. Everything looked the same, but somehow everything had changed.